Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Our Products.

Where should I inquire for directions of product use, wiring method, etc.?
For checking with technical contents, please contact our customer support (technical consultation center). Currently, inquiries regarding our general products (new models, custom-made items, discontinued products), and the basic directions for use, etc. can be directed to our sales offices.
Who should I ask when I cannot understand the contents of product data, such as the catalog, operation manual, etc.?
For checking with technical contents, please contact our customer support (technical consultation center).
Where should I inquire when I think I need to make a repair request?
Because our company has distributors available, please contact your nearest distributor. Please inquire at our sales office for your nearest distributor. However, some products can be handled directly from our company. (Please refer to the page about “repair”.)
I would like an estimate.

Our company would like estimate inquiries to be directed towards our distributors.
You can request an estimate from one of our distributors. You can inquire at our sales office for a distributor near you.

PATLITE Sales Offices
*In addition, some products can be purchased online at our “PATLITE store”.
Why is it that the electric lamp burns out so soon?
The lifespan of the lamp is shortened when vibrations, shock and voltages higher than the rated specifations is applied. Also, when the duty life of the bulb nears, it will go out. The standard lifespan of an electric bulb is about 2000 to 3000 hours.
What is the lifespan of the motor for Patlite’s revolving lights?
The standard lifespan of a motor is about 4,000 hours.
Is the electric bulb of a revolving light and motor or other parts easily exchangeable?
An electric bulb is easily replaceable. A motor is part of the product which need soldering work. Since there are some parts that are difficult to access and need direct replacement from our factory, it is highly recommended to request repair work in that situation.
Is the LED brighter than the conventional electric bulb?
It is generally said that the LED is darker than the conventional electric bulb.
Between the LED and the conventional electric bulb, which has a longer life?
Although it is said the LED has almost half the brightness, it has about 10,000 hours or more for a lifespan. Although the lifespan of the conventional electric bulb is from about 2000 to 3000 hours, the LED has a longer-life.
What are your brightest products?
The brightest luminous sources among our PATLITE products are called xenon lights.
How does a revolving light operate?
The basic revolving light can be turned ON and OFF from a power supply to be operated. Some of our revolving light products use a signal line, which can be used to control the ON-OFF condition.
Can it be used outdoors as well?
Most of our basic revolving lights can be used for outoor applications. However, provided that it is installed in the upright position; it cannot be used if mounted sideways or in an inverted direction.
Is an inverted installation on a ceiling possible for a revolving light?
If an inverted installation on a ceiling is done for indoor use, it is possible to use it that way. Installing it in a sideways or inverted direction is improper for outdoor use.
How far can a revolving light be visible?
Although the installation location and an exact distance of visibility is not provided, in the case of it being a large-sized revolving light for vehicles, due to the electric bulb’s luminous intensity, it can be sighted from about 300 m away.
Is permission necessary when a light is used on an automobile?
When adding an auxillary light, such as a revolving light in an automobile, Laws of the District Land Transport Bureau and public safety commission requires permission. there is a law in effect, “mitigation petition”, for some products.way.
The surrounding environment is noisy and the buzzer sound cannot be heard.
The sound will decrease when the distance or angle of the sound source is increased. Moreover, the sound may become inaudible in a noisy environment. The standard for being able to hear the sound requires that the noisy environment should be 10dB below the volume in the place where the sound will be heard.
Can a Signal Tower be used for outdoors?
The electric bulb type cannot be used outdoors. Although the LED type has dustproof characteristics, since the luminous source is an LED, the visibility may worsen when used outdoors. There are some LED type products that are for indoor use only..
Is an inverted installation on a ceiling possible for a Signal Tower?
Installing it in a sideways or inverted direction is improper.
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