RT 162mm Revolving Warning Light

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162mm Revolving Warning Light

The RT series is a large horn and rotating light combination for increased plant floor coverage.

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Product Features.

  • 32 sounds are pre-recorded in one unit.
  • For enhanced durability and safety in the work environment.
  • Built-in Alarm: Adjustable audible sound up to 105dB at 1m with volume control.
  • Installation: Indoors—upright, inverted, sideways; Outdoors—upright only. (Do not install the horn facing upward).

Model Specifications.

  • DIMENSIONS : 162mm diameter.
  • RATED VOLTAGE : 24V DC, 100V AC,  200V AC.
  • AUDIBLE STYLE : RT 32 pre-recorded alarm sounds.
  • SOUND SELECTION :  High-quality digital recording.
  • VOLUME : Maximum 105dB at 1 meter with adjustable volume control.
  • STACKABLE TIERS : Dry contact closure such as switches or relay contacts, Open-collector transistor (NPN for DC24V and AC120V).
  • GLOBE COLOR : Red, Amber, Green, Blue.
  • OPTIONS : SZ-008.

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