Signal Tower Light -MR4 LED

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Signal Tower Lights – MR4 Series
45mm LED

Signal Tower Light featuring bright LED’s, Modular design & a wide selection of options.


  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS :- The Unique Lens Shape diffuses the High-Intensity LED light effectively, dispersing the entire surface light. The high-visibility light is luminous from all angles to achieve high visibility from a distance. Even in a bright environment, it is hard to be affected by the influence of Surroundings light, and the differences between the light on or off can be seen clearly.
  • FULL LINEUP :- The Signal Tower size is 45mm in diameter to fit the machine’s application. Since the lineup is available from One to Five tiers, it is not necessary to change the wiring when recombining the unit colors, because the wire co-ordinates with the unit color.
  • HIGH QUALITY :- Various tests were made to operate under various environments. With the assurances of outstanding quality for environmental endurance, it can fit in many industrial applications like Temperature Testing, Corrosion Testing, Vibration Testing.
  • Mounting Methods :- In MR Series there are four type of Mounting methods :- 1. Circular Mounting Bracket. 2. Pole Mount with L Shape bracket. 3. Pole Mount with Tilt Bracket. 4. Direct Mount.

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