• Analogue Dual Relay Controller

    a) Loop powered
    b) Single loop address
    c) 2 Independently controlled changeover relays
    d) Relays contact rated at 30 V dc at 1 A
    e) Auxiliary monitored input
    f) DIN-Rail version available
    g) Both models feature an integral short-circuit isolator
    h) Both models approved by LPCB
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  • Analogue Duct Detector

    Analogue Duct Detector
    . Detects and limits the spread of smoke throughout building HVAC ducts
    . Compatible with building automation and fire alarm systems
    . Installs quickly and easily
    . No screens or filters to clean
    . Rugged gray steel back box with clear cover
    . Accessories – Remote LED alarm indication capability (DH-99-AR only)
    . Meets UL 268A Requirements

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    Analogue Duct Detector

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  • Analogue Sensor ACC-V

    Analogue Multi-Criteria Sensor
    . User selectable modes
    . Incorporates Optical and Heat Chamber
    . Removable, High Performance Chamber
    . Twin fire LED’s allow 360° viewing
    . Pulsing/non-pulsing controlled from panel
    . Variable Sensitivity
    . Electronically addressed

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    Analogue Sensor ACC-V

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  • Analogue Sounder Base ASB

    Analogue Sounder Bases
    . Programmable evacuation codes – Continuous, March, ANSI Temporal patterns
    . Base learns the sensor address and assumes an upper range address (128-254)
    . Up to 127 sensors and 127 ASBs can be used on one SLC loop
    . Can be alarmed or reset by zone or by individual address
    . ASB SLC loop wire resistance = 50 ohms Max. (total SLC wire run length)
    . High sound pressure level (85dB SPL at 10 feet)

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  • Conventional Banshee Excel

    a) Robust Design
    b) Low Current Consumption
    c) Easy to install
    d) Maximum 110 dB(A) at 1 metre (dependent on tone selected)
    e) 32 user-selectable tones
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  • Conventional Detectors HCP-1008

    Conventional Duct Detectors
    . Expandable panel selection
    . Class A or B initiating circuits
    . Indicating circuits with individual trouble indicators (1.7 Amp Max. per circuit)
    . Each indicating circuit can be silence-able or non-silenceable
    . Audibles may be configured as steady, temporal code, California code or march time
    . Each initiating circuit can be configured as alarm, supervisory, water-flow or trouble
    . Outputs for 4 wire re-settable smoke power supply
    . Alarm verification in initiating circuits
    . Easy configuration via DIP switches or push button and slide switches on front panel

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  • Dual Input Monitor Module

    Dual Input Monitor Module
    . Capable of monitoring two separate circuits simultaneously
    . Mounts in standard 4” gang box
    . Each input can be programmed independently to monitor normally open or normally closed contacts

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  • Fiber Optic Module TCF-142-M-ST

    Fibre Optic Module
    . Capability to network FireNET, FireNET Plus, and Network Annunciator using fibre optic cables
    . Extends RS-485 transmission up to 3.1 miles
    . Protects against electrical interface and chemical corrosion
    . No special programming required
    . UL 864 9th Edition Listed

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  • HX93 Series

    Mini Horn
    . Nominal voltage 12VDC and 24VDC
    . Jumper for Selectable Temporal 3 or Continuous tone for HX93 Series
    . Horn Frequency of 3100Hz
    . Input terminals supports 12 to 18 gauge wire
    . Low Current Consumption
    . Textured Finish High Impact Plastic Faceplate
    . Available in Red or Off-White.

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    HX93 Series

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  • Intelligent Heat Sensor ATJ-EA

    Heat Sensor
    . User selectable modes
    . Incorporates Fixed Temperature and rate of Rise Heat Elements
    .Twin fire LED’s allow 360° viewing
    . Pulsing/non-pulsing controlled from panel
    . Electronically Addressed

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  • Intelligent Heat Sensor ATJ-EA

    Conventional Control Panel
    . UL864 9th Edition / NFPA Compliant
    . Fully programmable using simple menu options
    .Installer friendly and supports flush or surface mount without a separate trim-ring
    . Built-in two-line (16 Characters for each line) LCD display provides easy to read information
    . 15 Key control buttons for easy programming, reset and silencing.
    . Event History log (256 events) with Date/Time stamp, which can be viewed from LCD display
    . 4 Programmable Supervised NAC outputs
    . 6.5 Amp power supply

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  • Loop Control Panel

    a) It provides a cost effective, simple and convenient method of extending the controls and indications of the HFP fire alarm control panels to other locations.
    b) The large, graphic LCD, brightness LED indicators and full set of controls duplicate the indications and controls on the HFP fire alarm control panel at up to 15 additional locations via a (separate to the HFP network) simple, two wire serial data connection.
    c) Ideal for locations where a control and indication point smaller than a full fire alarm control panel is required.
    d) HFP AP-CRLS is available in either 24V DC powered option (which can be powered via an additional 2 cores from the HFP control panel auxiliary 24V DC supply) or a   230V powered option with a local battery back up.
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    Loop Control Panel

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