• BRF Series

    3 models: Standard, High Speed, Mark Detection.
    High Speed type (50 micro sec) and Green LED type for Mark Sensing.
    Crosstalk prevention. IP66 protection.
    10 turn adjustment potentiometer for fine tuning.

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    BRF Series

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  • D3RF Series

    Digital Fiber Sensor with two wide displays.
    Higher performance and higher cost efficiency than conventional D2RF.
    High speed 16 micro second response.
    18 wires for 16 units inter-connection.

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    D3RF Series

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  • NF Series

    The fiber cable is chosen based upon the specific application.
    Optex offers more than 80 different cables in both Thru-beam and Diffuse sensing modes.
    Various shapes for mounting,Tight Bend/High-Flex,
    Various Detecting modes,Environment-resistant,Liquid,
    Extention lens

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    NF Series

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