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Sharon Controls has become market leader in the field of Programmable Electronic Display Systems & is able to offer a vast range of displays to meet a wide variety of customer applications, whether Single Line, Bi-Line,

Within any manufacturing Plant, there are a number of ways that electronics displays can enhance And assists management in obtaining the best results. SHARON displays are flexible and with a manufacturing plant specializing in modular manufacturing, a full range of application and specification can be met
There are four main areas of operation within the Factory:
• Production Display : Displays showing information such as production against target Which could be monitoring individual areas
• Safety Awareness : Showing the safety information that is important to your organization
• Controls and Alarms : Demonstrating the status of your lines & systems.
• Status : Showing the position with regard to orders manufactured/ dispatch / on your jobs in real time.

In almost any type of manufacturing environment, there is desire for management and employees to see how well the production is doing, against target, for many reasons including boosting staff morale when targets are being achieved or making everyone aware of the plants efficiency.

Developing new method to increase safety Awareness has proven to be a challenge facing safety managers. One of the main keys to reducing accidents in the workplace is the implementation of an effective safety awareness program. There are 2 main styles of program which can be helped by the use of displays as standard $B!F(BDays since last lost time accident$B!G(B the 2 option is the use of standard text displays- showing data generated via the safety system of policy reminders real time safety goals, targets & actual.

CONTROLS AND ALARMS Linking to PLC devices PC controllers, Volt free contacts, 0-20 milliamp loops and a host of proprietary equipment, displays can immediately show to a wide area the status & action requirements within a factory. Failures with a production line & within manufacturing.

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