Power Line Transducers and Multifunction Meters

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Power Line Transducers And Multifunction Meter

Powerline transducers are suitable for measuring electrical parameters like AC voltage, current, frequency, PF, KW, KVAR and also for DC signal isolation. They are best suited for MCC and PCC panels, AMF panels, SCADA systems, PLCs for data acquisition and metering.

  • Fully solidstate electronic design
  • Rugged to withstand harsh environments
  • Load independent outputs
  • Galvanically isolated signals
  • Accuracy class : 0.5% (Optional 0.2%)
  • Self or auxiliary powered
  • CT burden : less than 0.5 VA
  • Convert high value AC signal to low value DC signals
  • Inputs voltage, current, frequency, power factor, power
  • Outputs DC signals single or dual (optionally 3 or 4 for Isolation transducers)
  • Voltage, Current, Frequency Transducers : D2 PTV1, D2 PTC1, D3 PTF1.
  • Power Transducers : D5 PTA1, D5 PTW1, D5 PTW2, D5 PTW3.
  • Isolation Transducers : D1 IST1, D3 IST1.
  • Transducers Models : D3 MFT1, D3 TTT1, D3 RET1, D5 PAT1, D5 MFT1, D5 PTC1/D5 PTV1, D1 PTC3/D1 PTV3, D3 TET1, MULTIFUNCTION METER.

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