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Alarm Annunciators.

Minilec Microprocessor Based Alarm Annunciators are designed to keep an alert and watchful eye on your plant and processes. The entire range has been designed with an insight into the modern day manufacturing plant and its future requirements. Minilec Alarm Annunciators are equipped with microprocessor-based design, super bright LED facia windows, site selectable, programmed sequences as per ISA standard and thoughtful provisions for troubleshooting and maintenance.



  • 4 windows to 128 windows
  • Integral & Split models
  • Microprocessor based
  • Super bright LEDs for facia
  • Standard operating sequences
  • Any other custom- made sequences
  • NO-NC & Trip Non-Trip site selectable
  • Repeat relays
  • Supply fail annunciation / Indication
  • Choice of 3 window sizes
  • Choice of five colours
  • RS 232 / RS 485 Output Port having MODBUS RTU protocol or fault Input through RS 485 port MODBUS RTU protocol.


  • Continuous monitoring of input parameters
  • Control of process through outputs and software
  • Data acquisition & communication
  • Data Storage & records through PC
Model of Alarm Annunciators
  • MBAS 0600/MICRO 17
  • MBAS 9700
  • MBAS 08
  • MICROWARN 0600
  • MBAS 11

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