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Automatic Grease Lubricator

Easylube is ideal for equipment requiring continuous lubrication, especially equipment installed in remote, difficult-to-access, and/or difficult-to-work in areas. This self-contained unit dispenses grease or oil and provides worry-free operation with its microprocessor control and monitoring functions. Unit is battery-operated to meet a wide range of applications. It is also UL Listed for use in hazardous areas to meet both lubrication and safety requirements
• Easylube 150 uses micro- computer CPU & equipped with infrared pulse detector for accurate motor operation.
• Refillable grease cup allows unit to be used repeatedly
• Operates on easily loaded & replaceable battery pack.
• Corrosion, dust and moisture resistant
• Rating: UL rated for Class I, Division 2, Groups B, C and D: Class II, Division 2, Groups F & G hazardous locations
• Explosion-Proof , the new model has been upgraded to V.40 model & approved by UL for Hazardous Location
• Operates with a balanced pressure from bearing resistance
• Warning light flashes when grease supply is exhausted or feed blockage occurs or when encountering excessive back pressure
• Can be remote mounted up to 15 feet away from lube point for difficult-to-reach areas
• Dispensing time can be set from 1 to 12 months and unit can be turned off for machine
• With Easylube 150 your bearing gets the fresh and clean grease at the right time with the right amount. Since the controlled relubrication & greasing operates virtually with a balance pressure.
• The Easylube 150 it is a select items of re-lubrication maintenance controller and it is designed to solve all single point’s re-lubrication problems for maintenance engineers.
• Easylube 150 it is designed to last through over 10 years of use. A simple low cost replacement kit is all customers is required to use our products again and again with only seconds required to change the lube cartridge and battery pack only.
• Easylube 150 it will eliminates routine manual re-lubrication in the outdoor or indoor, -20℃ to +60℃, dry and wet, and any industry applications on the Electromotor, Air Compressors, Water Pumps, Air Handling Units, Extra Fans, Blowers, Conveyers, and any kind of bearing of equipments, even difficult-to-access regular lubrication points need never miss out now.
• Perhaps best of all, the Easylube 150 it will do a better job for a remarkably low price allow your maintenance cost to Reduce considerably.

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