• C2 Series

    Cost effective general purpose cylinder type sensor.
    Two types of housing, metal and plastic (PBT), are available.
    Long sensing distance, 20m (thru-beam), 4m (retro reflective),
    80cm (diffuse reflective).
    BGS type sensors are designed to detect any target regardless of the color and/or background.

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    C2 Series

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  • V2 Series

    BGS series with a rugged duty housing.
    Up to 100 cm sensing distance (BGS-2V100).
    The large lenses assure stable sensing.
    IP67, QD types are available.
    A large projecting and receiving lens results in a strong projected beam.
    Ideal for use in tough conditions like a foggy atmosphere.

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    V2 Series

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  • ZM Series

    IP69K:Highly water resistant
    Tough structure for food processing line needs washing with high temperature and high pressure water.
    Achieves long sensing distance.
    8 turn sensitivity adjustment potentiometer(BGS type).

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    ZM Series

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