LT7 Series

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  • Offered in retro reflective models with two discrete outputs (PNP) for extremely long ranges up to 250 m
  • Available in diffuse models with two discrete outputs (PNP) and one 4-20 mA output for long-range background suppression up to 10 m
  • Provides two alarm outputs with ongoing LCD display for easy troubleshooting
  • Features TEACH-mode programming, using integrated push buttons or serial interface
  • Continually displays sensing distance in milli meters or hundredths of an inch
  • Delivers excellent ±10 mm linearity
  • Offers choice of RS-422 or SSI-compatible serial connection
  • Uses visible Class 2 alignment laser for accurate alignment
  • Provides quick warm up to minimize drift
  • Different models available in this series are:

LT7 Series: Laser Retro reflective Time-of-Flight
Range: 500mm to 250m; 18-30V dc

LT7 Series: Laser Diffuse Time-of-Flight Sensor
Range: 500 mm to 10 m; 18 – 30 V dc

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