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Minilec Microprocessor Based Alarm Annunciators are designed to keep an alert and watchful eye on your plant and processes. The entire range has been designed with an insight into the modern day manufacturing plant and its future requirements. Minilec Alarm Annunciators are equipped with microprocessor-based design, super bright LED facia windows, site selectable, programmed sequences as per ISA standard and thoughtful provisions for troubleshooting and maintenance. Dynamic, Alert and Responsive… These unique advantages have helped the Minilec Annunciators to be an icon in the power T and D industry and engineering establishments in India. The world class Minilec Annunciator has made its presence felt in Overseas markets.

MBAS 0600 is a improved version of earlier MBAS 9400, and is available for 4 to 32 windows

The Functional Features

  • Fixed Sequence ( S1/S2/S3/S4)
  • Potential free dry contact inputs
  • NO/NC inputs selectable configuration
  • Relay output for external Audible Hooter 3rd Relay optional for either of below mentioned features
    a) Ring back hooter
    b) Supervisory control
  • Minilec Standard Communication Protocol

The Design Features

  • Single chip microcontroller logic
  • Opto isolated inputs and outputs
  • Super Bright LED window illumination
  • High Noise immunity / isolation
  • Switch mode power supply
  • Self surveillance watchdog LED

The Constructional Flexibility

  • Conforming to DIN panel cutouts
  • Replaceable snap-on window capsules
  • Two different window size
  • Molded enclosures

Optional Features

  • Any custom built operating sequences
  • Manned / Unmanned function
  • Fault Follower contact output per fault Input (NO or NC)
  • Supply fail indication / annunciation Built in
  • Built-in control push buttons

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