EHS Melody/Alarm Horn

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Melody/Alarm Horn

Patlite’s new Melody/Alarm player for Industrial applications has an unbelievably compact design with a sound output of 110dB (at 1m)!
New mode selection features, including a sound synthesizer mode to be heard easier in Factory and Public Address applications. Endures vibration resistance up to 4.5G’s, which is great for Forklifts, AGV’s, etc. An unbelievably compact design with a 110dB (at 1m) Sound!

Product Features

  • A 30% decrease in size in comparison to our current model (EWH) for a more compact design.
  • Stronger vibration resistant characteristics to withstand up to 4.5G force.
  • Despite the smaller size, it has a loudness for a maximum of 110dB (at 1m).
  • Now offers a selection between Cable connection or Terminal connection.
  • 4 playback modes in combination with commands available to be setup for the right application.
  • Can be used with either PNP or NPN transistor driven inputs.
  • It complies with Europe’s environment-friendly RoHS Directive.
  • Protection Rating of IP65.
  • The use of the SD card can allow changing messages while out in the field.
  • Conforms to the CE requirements.

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