LKEH-FA 100mm Signal Tower

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100mm Signal Tower

The LKEH series is a large horn and signal tower combination that supplies greater sound and capability.

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Product Features

  • Visible from great distance with ultra bright LEDs and 100mm diameter lens.
  • Safe for use at high vibration environment with robust 2G vibration resistant design.
  • Easy to control with only one common wire for both LEDs and audible signals.
  • CE, RoHS, IP53, UL.
  • Field programmable with SD card. (Sold separately)
  • Volume is adjustable from 0 to 105dB (at 1m) to fit various environments.
  • Smooth LED lens surface.

Model Specifications

  • DIMENSIONS : 100mm diameter.
  • RATED VOLTAGE : 24V DC, 100V AC, 220V AC.
  • AUDIBLE STYLE : LKEH-FE available only, Total of 32 pre-recorded sounds, Arrange in 8 selectable sound groups, Each group has 4 pre-arranged sounds.
  • VOLUME : Maximum 105dB at 1 meter with adjustable volume control.
  • BODY STYLE : Pre-assembled, pre-wired only for module colors specified.
  • BODY COLOR : Light gray.
  • GLOBE COLORS : Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White.
  • GLOBE MATERIAL : Polycarbonate Resin.

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