MPS 30mm LED Signal Tower

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30mm LED Signal Tower

Features a compact design with a 30mm (1.25″) diameter and a 45mm body length for easy installation in tight spaces.

Product Features
    • Rearrange LED modules without having to rewire
    • Double insulation for enhanced durability and safety
    • Heat resistant ABS resin for superior impact resistance
    • IP65 water and dust resistance
    • NPN/PNP open-collector
    • CompaM12 quick disconnect and a single drill hole configuration for easy installation (MP-C only)


Dimensions Φ30mm
Rated Voltage 24V AC/DC
Functions Continuous Only
Dry contact closure such as switches or relay contacts
Open-collector transistor (NPN or PNP) for 24V DC
Direct voltage control
Mounting Direct mount only: includes M22 mounting nut and sealing gasket
Body Color Silver
Body Style Pre-assembled, pre-wired
Interchangeable and stackable module after purchase
Stackable Tiers Up to 5 modules can be stacked
Module Colors Red
Conformity Standards CE Marking
UL Recognized Component (US)
c-UL Recognized Component (Canada)
Protection Rating IP65



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