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Worlds most popular photoelectric sensor. Compact, high-performance sensors with 18 mm threaded lens or side mount.

  • Extensive family in all sensing modes and ranges to 30 m
  • Models for ac, dc, or ac/dc universal voltage operation
  • Infrared or visible red, green, blue or white sensing beam
  • Easy push-button TEACH-mode setup in Expert SM312E models
  • MIAD9 series NAMUR models for hazardous environments with approved switching amplifiers with intrinsically safe input circuits
  • MINI-BEAM models for clear plastic detection
  • MINI-BEAM Expert models for clear object detection
  • MINI-BEAM: Diffuse
    Range: 380 mm; Input: 10-30 V dc

  • MINI-BEAM: Polarized Retro
    Range: 50 mm to 2 m; Input: 10-30 V dc

  • MINI-BEAM: Receiver
    Range: 30 m; Input: 10-30 V dc

  • MINI-BEAM EXPERT: Polarized Retro Clear Detection
    Range: 1 m; Input: 10-30V dc

  • MINI-BEAM: Divergent Diffuse
    Range: 130 mm; Input: 10-30V dc

  • MINI-BEAM: Diffuse
    Range: 380 mm; Input: 24-240V ac

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