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  1. Uses extremely rugged design that exceeds NEMA 6P and IEC IP67 standards and withstands 1200 psi wash down
  2. Features highly visible LED indicators for Power, Signal and Output
  3. Accommodates output timing logic or 7-segment LED signal strength display on standard models
  4. Available in opposed, polarized and non-polarized retro reflective, diffuse, convergent, laser, and glass or plastic fiber optic sensing modes
  5. Available in models for dc, ac, ac/dc universal voltage power and bus network compatible connection
  6. Offered in laser retro reflective and NAMUR models.
  7. Different model available in this series are:

Q45 Series: Polarized Retro
Range: 0.15 – 6 m; Input: 10-30 V dc

Q45 NAMUR: Polarized Retro
Range: 6 m; Input: 5-15V dc

Q45 Series: Retro
Range: 0.08 to 9 m; Input: 12-250V dc / 24-250V ac

Q45 Series: Diffuse
Range: 1.8 m; Input: 10-30 V dc

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